Ying Yang

The law of black and white. We are so used to having such a colourful black and white view of the world. We see each and everyone through those glasses.
What though of the lines between black and white, is that not your true home?
You are as long as you are alive, between black and white, held by none.

The more you remove those glasses in your life, some colourless world is left over, yet you are also living. Still moving in that colourfull world. Internally and outwards, you as a colourless being move through a colourfull world. You are the liminal being, that is neither defined by the good or bad spectrum of life. Fully knowing this, anything you do, is your inherent being. What you do, as a colourless being, in a colourfull world, is up to you, fully knowing the colours everybody is seeing, and you saw yourself. This knowledge you can use any way you want.

Who said, a colourless being can’t control the colours others see?
So that leaves you to freely and guiltlessly enjoy what you have always been enjoying. This choice is all yours, it does not have lasting effects on anything but your perception of yourself, not the true self. Life may bring just such a person too, where you can both continually remove more and more shading together, to just drop all colour to be colourless.

Living, you will surely have colourful suits, for those that still see colours everywhere.
Being nothing, you are going everywhere, but always without colour. You can knowing that you used to see these colouration’s too, specifically use an old habit and colouration to sting the perception of the black and white colourful glasses of others, until their glasses are broken too.

Imagine a world where everybody walks without the black and white glasses.
Not a world where everybody is in peace or anything else for that matter, that is nonsense. That is all still in the colourful glasses you haven’t fully dropped yet.
Peace is never about this world, but beyond everything in this world, and yet you can embody that peace in your own body, and if you can embody that peace, so can others.
It’s not then making the world a better place, but removing the desire to change anything that is where the power lies.

You can be anyone and anything in this world, it just has no bearing on what you are.
You have always been beyond all colouration.

You also choose if the yin yang stays in the shape you see above, or whether you move the lines more to the left and right, whether the black and white ball are smaller or bigger. Whether the the whole shape is bigger or smaller, minute even. That are choices you make personally everyday. You decide how big or small the white and black surfaces are, whether it’s all white, or all black. Yet the moving of lines, never undermines the reality that you are not bound by lines, nor colours nor shapes. The whole yin and yang is only the human expression, you yourself are outside of that shape completely, while embodying the yin and yang in the limited body, through limitless lives, in limitless shapes, in limitless ways.
When then you truly live this, not before.
Peace is to be found neither in black and white, nor a colour in-between. Peace is limitless colourlessness in a ‘coloured, limited body’.

You will never have a moral high ground over anybody else, even though you may choose to stand for what you hold as true. Everybody else also has his own truth according to which he acts, in his own version of good. Feed neither anyone else’s good or bad, nor your own, those are only glasses needing to be broken.

One specific thing though, that is important, good vibes, are beyond being nice to everybody or something like that, it are just purely the good vibes of just unapologetically being your own personality, no matter how quirky that may be, and standing up for what you are, not because it is better, but because it is just what and who you are.

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