What makes Truth, True?

Truth oh truth, when you be truth, when you be untrue?

Life is a game of triggers, until all triggers have been unhinged, then life begins to be.
Your exclamations, your angers, your fears and thoughts all fall into their own spot, having their own reason of existence.
To constantly be your own truth, to be brutally honest with the self and others around you. To stand for who you are.

To face every situation in life full on.

Like a boar nosing for more food in it’s path, it won’t stop for hedge, nor person. It will just cut right trough. To get what it needs.

To unerringly go for the truth will have the most change.

Truth is immutable, but it won’t really touch those that aren’t ready yet to hear. They might register it, for later use, but that’s all. They will go on as if nothing happened a bit more, it just might be exactly what they need, to be set on their own path. Truth is a strong sedative for those that aren’t ready yet.

The truth will let all bubbles that have been put below the surface of the water rise up, one after the other, until the bottom is clearly visible.

To keep one’s truth inside is like bottling a bottle with too much pressure. It will just pop and wreak havoc.

Truth wants to be set free, to be played with in the field of consciousness.

When you have recognised conscience for what it really is, all these agitations just don’t matter anymore.

Being EGO-istic helps you uncover your own limitations, helps others in being their mirror of burning truth, because you walk fully knowing how free you are. So in tune with your self, you can’t be out-tuned anymore.

When finally all limitations are dropped will you walk in truth forever, beyond truth and yet forever here in the now.

Express Your-Self

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