Valley of broken shards

Today I walk through a valley of broken shards.
Green, brown and white glass strewn apart on a forest path.
Empty bottles that once were.
That once were filled, yet now they are empty.
Emptied of their contents.
Emptied of a personality, wiped clean.
All labels wiped by the rain.

Who might they have been?
Who might have dropped them there?
Who has enjoyed their contents?
Might they have stood on a window shelf?
How long have they been lying there?

Now if only one of them were still filled.
Now if only I could partake of one of these beauties…
What might I fill them with?
What would I put on the label?
Who would I feel honoured to gift it too?

Would I gift them to myselves?
Would I gift them to whom I love?
Do I Love you? Myself?

I do love Myself, so I’ll walk through a vallef of broken shards.

Express Your-Self

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