Us the spiritual elite…

Because we are so spiritually advanced, we can exclude ourselves from those that are not ‘there’ yet.
Dream dream dream on.
My spirituality allows me certain world views, new ideologies to replace my old views, where’s the gain? It’s just a new stack of opinions.
Unstack those ideas one by one.
I have myself a lot of unstacking to do too.
The more I unstack my expectations, the more freedom I allow myself to have, in whom I’m talking to, commune with, have a little sunny contact with, who I allow to get close to my heart.
Why not let everybody close to my heart that my feet happen to walk by?
Or should I reprimand my feet for taking me east instead of west? Or are you one to prefer the north to the south? To take me to the slums, the IS, the HezBollah? All those terrorists? Or is it secretly me the terrorist, for sleeping and sleeping and sleeping?
So confusing all those alienation’s.
I have met SUN’s in bums, Moons in vendors and street artists.
Some had near death experiences, and they just blew me away, by their direct honesty, not by hiding the bad from my puffed up smokey eyes.

So much so, that I value honesty more, to break up those packages I have created in me, those separations, those different moods. I wanna swing by in this internal jungle tasting all the internal fruits that constitute my personal universe.

I wanna trip with angels, and condescend with the demons.
Am I then condescending to myself, to ‘you’, where’s the finger pointing at, when I have become my own demon? When I am demonic in all honesty, Or does the demon only entice with lies?

This fragile button up world of buttons to be pushed, and fountains to be revived.What kind of revival do we need to finally free us, then, when, somehow, somewhere in the nowhere?

Can you see through this jungle of lies? How can lies feed my inner freedom into a reality? They push and gnaw at what I held to be right, they break buttons I didn’t know were constantly pushed. I relish in pushing buttons and having mine pushed deeper.Did you know you have millions of buttons pushed on you every day, by friends, family, the sexy nun, the haggard deathly bum, and when a button is pushed a different you emerges? Or are you everyday the same? Can you constantly blame everybody else for when YOU lost/ctrl? Or were you always in control? Is it confusing or do you confuse your not being confused with the freedom you dream of but don’t really have? Can you change the world or are you still asleep by my lullaby? Did my drugs kick in too strong? A lil sip too much on the booze? Is it really those outside renegades that have the lullaby to your dreams, the keys to unlock your nightmarish visions?
Or is it all just lies and deceit that there is an enemy?Wade in deep with my clarity of words, you shall not be lost, I only have shallow pools on offer today, for 1 Dollar will I take you trough. But theoretically, if it’s going to cost you 1000 dollars, is then not the true value of freedom honored? Or is even 1k not enough to value the freedom of my sleeping pills? Lose yourself completely in my mazes and tunnels, till you dig the earths crust, the lava will spew you out onto earths surface reborn, you little nobody. When will you pour some water in holes that should be empty?
Do you value your freedom? Or prefer some little magazine counting sheep?
Should or shouldn’t? Where’s the limit to my audacity, me in the city suburbs?
Or should I escape to the forest to create the society we don’t have right now, but would love to see? How do I know that is the society we are going to become? I’d rather sit in the city’s muck, where the true lost sheep are, I’d rather sit with the lost sheep as with those that have found they’re freedom already. Only in dark caves will you illuminate. Illuminated rooms are already lit.

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