Transformational Fire Poem

Accept this fire.
Breathe it in.
Let it burn everything standing in the ‘path’ of becoming free.
Burn up all those fears and mind games.
Allow a fresh breath of wind to clear up the smokescreen.
Find your Inner Beauty.
Breath a fresh breath out every moment to clear up the smoke around you.
Inhale nothing but Clarity and Joy.
Let the Inner Freedom consume every Moment.

Nothing the fire burns can you truly hold dear, to your Self.
The Self in it’s immaculate beauty.
Ever fresh in the moment.
A breeze of wind flowing through your life.
Guiding you left and right.
Nothing to worry for, as everything is taken care of.

Everything truly needed will always be there, no matter what shape it might be.
This is the Gift of Life.
Always there, closer than anything you may ever imagine.
Just waiting to be recognised, nothing remains but the ever present moment.

Let the fire die out.
Let the ashes grow cold.
Take those ashes and throw them outside, vanishing without leaving a trace.
Peace and Joy emerge as your companions, merging with you.

Express Your-Self

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