The Variable One

We prefer changing variables into further variable states, instead of just being variable.
I am miserable at being something fixed.
I am a hero at being variable.

I only want to be variable from now on,
would be funny if I all of a sudden would be all fixed up and frozen.
Sad thing is I can’t freeze for ever into any state.
Good thing is, change is imminent, always around the next corner.

Do you want to dance this changeful dance with me?
Sometimes you lead, sometimes I lead, Sometimes we are led, sometime the world comes a’ tumblin.
All is in the perception, yet the eye is naked and clean. My eye that is, yours surely is as dirty as you think it is.
Profess to become a better healthier you, and you will be healthy forever more.
Profess to be an unhealthy bad person, and you will be blown to smithereens, that’s for sure.
Even the healthiest person to ever walk this earth, did something that wasn’t healthy, may have farted or burped once in a while.
Or did the No-No thing, don’t talk about it, don’t think it, then it ain’t there… Ahh if Life was only that easy… Wishful me.
Oh blimey, is it already this late, wonder oh wonder my eyes don’t shut the trap of this wakeful state yet.
As long as I am awake I don’t have to face the misery, but when I sleep hell is after me, I SWEAR.
They, they not me, they is the bad one, this me is the good one. Point your finger at me, and you are always right, point your finger at yourself, ain’t seen, ain’t known, didn’t happen.
Do you prefer to face your sleeping nightmares, or your wakeful dream of daisies and unicorns, with a little touch of eau de cologne, to make it perfect?
Did you see? All I did was talk about ME. You are not mentioned in this text at all, you are safe, you are untouchable. Wanna sniff the roses or the glue?
If you sniff the roses, a thorn might scratch your Eye.
If you sniff the Glue, well take a guess…?
You get stuck in the K-Hole.
How do I yes I know? Been there done that. Been a breeze.
Really refreshing the way I deal with things around here.
I am really good at neglecting my own mess, mind me.
I’ll point my finger at the mess, but God Forbid, if I touch the mess, I’ll just disappear into the nothingness, as the joke I’ve always been.
Yet who is laughing then? Are you able to laugh at my mess, or is it secretly also yours?
Somewhere deep down, very deep, in a very shallow pond, something knows, this is but a plane with snakes.
And snakes don’t lie, they don’t hypnotise, they are all beauty, just like with the apple, Adam and Eve.
Is that where it went wrong?
Is that whence this Godly wrath has been wrought?
Are you the Messiah? Could you as the Messiah go in the mud of your own Creation? Or would you be a saintly clean Messiah? Which One do you prefer? Which one is more real? One all healthy fit and clean, or one who professes nothing but to be as dirty as everybody else?
You be the judge, but in Judgement day will you be Judged, so is all that judging really worth it? It’s like pointing the finger to the outside, but the funny thing is, that when mathematically one straight line is pulled into infinity, it comes back to it’s source.
Dunno why, but math says it is, so it must be right somehow.
Here you will only find rags among diamonds. Take either and you’re lost, forevermore to be what you’ve taken.
That forever you fear is but an opinion, but this joke will reverberate from these empty halls for eternity. Once these words are uttered they are infinity.
Lose you, lose me, lose all, just be the you that is, variably, dirty and clean, to shine the sameness back into every empty mirror looking back.

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