The ‘Perfect Society’

Let’s all create the perfect society. Yet then the question would be, to whom would it be perfect, and to whom would it be hell? Your version of heaven on earth ain’t another one’s version. So yes you may create your own version of heaven on earth. That has more sense as deconstructing another man’s heaven, even if he bathes in money like our dear Dagobert Duck.

Are you sure though your version of heaven as you may possibly see it now, is really heaven when you may actually live it? Your version of heaven is more like a dream, on which you build castles of clouds and rainbows. Neither can you know what the perfect heaven for everybody would be. If you only elevate your dream to reality, but leave everybody else in the mud, how is that not also a bit selfish? And how can we be sure, that what we are doing now, is taken in kind heart by the person receiving it? Do we need to be sure? I for one ain’t sure what I write this for, neither do I really care, who it touches and what it changes. I know I am slowly deconstructing what I believe to be the best. As long as I only create my own BEST, it is SELFish. The more our perfect society is based on ideas, the less real it will be, the more it will be mental beauty instead of real beauty. The more though ‘my actions’ [definitely not my own, thank you dear GOD], help constructing a better world for everybody, I am willing to lend my hand, heart and brain, to elevate one ‘sleeping sheep’ after another out of this seeming mud, in this way uniting everything we see under GOD.
Just like those money sharks are only creating their own tiered world, where they can have their seeming control over the seemingly teeming sleeping masses of sheep.

These texts I am writing confront me with my own darkest and most beautiful dreams, which I don’t want to sustain myself of anymore. I rather live in the mud with everybody else. Most of all, I just want to live the life, I am guided to live.
Start with where you are right now, don’t create now some future you think may be ideal in the future, you just can’t know in advance what the future will be like. Neither do you know for sure whether this society we have now is already perfect in every sense, except for our misguided perception creating this imagery as wrong.
Change what is in front of you, small step by step, taking the time you need. And every time start at rock bottom and work up.

How do you know a money-less society is better?
How do you know a society without brothels is better?
How do you know a world without drugs (as in every drug that is existent, those created by ‘doctors’ as well as the natural ones, as well as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes) is better?
How do you know your actions seemingly creating a better world are actually what they seem?
How do we know? 😀 People know so many things…
Don’t be ‘people’ or ‘human’ but humane.
Let dear GOD take care of everything else, including you. Do what you’ve been already doing until you don’t do anymore. Don’t worry about dropping on your knees and ‘failing’.
Don’t define yourself as anything nor plan for what your going to do in one hour. Just go moment to moment.

Don’t think anything of this is easy to achieve. THINK.

Those capitalist swine, the mafia, brothels, North Korea, poor China, Tibet, Africa and everywhere else.

As long as we don’t know how to spend money rightly, maybe we need gambling halls and debts of millions/ billions, and people creating money out of thin air. Maybe we need these politicians just the way they are, because they are mirrors as to how we perceive the world, the world in which we believe. Our belief creates the world, and as long as we believe knowing what the world should be like, that’s what the world does. We are all at fault for this as ‘humans’.

Thinking doesn’t solve the problem. Who says there really are problems everywhere you see them? Thinking doesn’t make you do. Doing is something entirely different. Neither is what’s seemingly healthy really good, if it only alienates you from the ‘unhealthy’ ones. Maybe GOD wants you to be exactly what you are right now. Start from what you are. Until you can see clear, mud will always seemingly be mud, not that it really is.

It’s really not so easy not to be sure anymore.

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