The One Key to Life

Life would be easy if we only need one key, that helps everybody to live life to the fullest.
Yet life is not as simple as that.
There simply can not be one key that fits everybody’s needs.

We all try a long time to fit our own life to fit one key, one ideology, one way.
These ideas seem to change a lot, in search of our selves.
We even find things we don’t expect at all.

Life pushes us past the worst experiences, to begin transcending them.
Life pushes past the best experiences, to begin transcending them.
Life pushes us past all half lived experiences, to begin living them more fully, with an open heart in trust.

We may learn that our heart even seems to trust beyond logic, beyond the mere visual.
We begin walking simply trusting in our heart, that our life unfolds just in the right way.
Beyond everybody’s and your own expectations, where once you saw only distinctions, you begin seeing unity, in this apparent meltdown of cultures, people, ideas, times, and different places.

Unity because of diversity.
Our differences become our biggest treasures, the taste to life.
For me, this one key can only be, when seeing, living fully.
When we find our own key, then yes, lead that happy life, experience it to the fullest. That is what I wish for you. And give the others the time to find their own key.

Express Your-Self

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