The Dark and Enigmatic,
The Silent and Powerful,
The Whispering cawing of those guttural Sounds,
The Silence that dances on the Eye of Time,
Inescapably You, Whirling Maelstrom of an undefined limitlessness.
Smoke and Powder as you soar through the Night,
Sparking the Flint to explode into unseen Glory of destruction.
That Old Self, that Idea, the Sensing, the Feeling, the Talking, the Emotional,
But a figment of a figment of a figment of Nothing draped in sensory clouds.
Nothing the eternal Home, untouchable, uncontrollably whole.
Neither ‘you’ nor ‘other’ are misplaced. In the Equal Dance of Eternity.

My Will is only to BE, a crowded Crow.

Express Your-Self

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