The coloured Ones

In these streets they call my hometown,
I am blown away like rustling leaves,
Like a lilting drunk I sway through this harsh haze,
I am torn between wanting to go and wanting to stay.

I am blown into small particles of dust.

Will you take my hand and cut the wrist?!
Will you break my jaw and then my fist?
Will you stamp on me like I deserve it?
My tears like pepper spray,
Smelling of gasoline pumping through my veins.

Will you light my finger tips?

What does that say of you, you poor pitiful wimp?
How there is no forgivingness in your heart left?
How many times have you been beaten down to become the usurper?
How many times have you kicked yourself for being oh so righteous?

You with your empty halls of fame.
Guilds about child slavery, and feeling better…

Not seeing the only difference is a small colouration, but you yes you are supreme…
Supremely Blind!
You kill yourself at every turn and every breath.
You kill everything of any worth because there’s none to be found in you anymore.
It is Their fault you can’t be simply yourself, You empty husk.
Oh how I pity you and your life’s not worth to be lived.
You may sit on wealth and white thrones, with supposed power over so many things…
Time to take out the cock and start pumping, Oh you truly are in power…
In this world where the weak are seemingly strong and the strong seemingly weak…
A life full of fear of one small tiny speck of colour…

Are you really strong?
Are you sure this is whom you want to be?
Are you sure this is the best you can achieve?

Every step forward no matter where it leads you, must always without a fail, come through what you leave behind, by taking one step further. One foot in the past and one somewhere entirely new. From this one step raising one foot on an old past one further small step can be made. Without your past you can’t change either. So embrace the fuck who you are today and walk!

Express Your-Self

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