Relationship with the world

I am in a Relationship with someone I Love (for whatever true reason underlying that relationship, based on different ‘important’ needs, each one of us seems to value differently).

This is a sentence often used, yet when I truly think about it, I am in a relationship with everybody. Those I know, my friends, my family, my neighbours, the whole village or city. Those in other countries, those across the ocean. Everybody. With all of them i have an intimate relationship, that goes beyond love, sex, need for intimacy and someone to talk to.

Here though is the hard part, I also am in a deep relationship with murderers, psychos, mafioso, drug dealers, lying people, people working in every part of the ‘Love’ industry, politicians, Monsanto, police and so on. They are all human, whether they deserve that or not, is but an opinion of yours. To reject, that we all have relationships with the worst, the best and all in between, is some form of lying, that isn’t ready yet to face the truth. Not that there is anything wrong with not accepting that yet. Even real Love needs its time to grow from little bud to a big flower embracing everything and maybe the all. Giving off its beautiful fragrance, for all to smell regardless of who or what they love, multiple persons or just one person. There is dispersed over the whole of earth, a beautiful mixture of many different sexes, all living on One Planet. Neither can I ignore beggars, millionaires, friendly or not and so on. It feels wrong to me, to ignore my fellow human on this earth.

What else does being in a relationship seem to imply? That you own a person, and forthwith, you will be the only person allowed to have intimacy with him or her, and even better is the code of ‘honour’ among friends, that once you had a relationship with someone, all of your friends ought to leave they’re hands from said person. If you really love someone, you also give him or her the freedom to express his or her sexuality any way that seems to fit his or her personality. Be that only with you, or the stranger on the street, that friendly guy from the club…

What does that make of you, if you aren’t in an intimate relationship? You just ain’t. Having the right kind of trust, you’ll know that with what you are, whether you are or ain’t in a relationship is of no real difference. When though a relationship does emerge it is the right time.

If we all then truly have an intimate relationship with everybody on this planet, what does that make of two people having a couple kind of relationship? Well in the passing play of life, it is just two people walking hand in hand for a certain period of time. After that time, either a person dies or the couple doesn’t seem right, there is a huge break up, and so on. After you stop holding hands side by side, everybody ought to be able to hold hands with any other person, if that feels right for both sides. Without all the shame, doubt, and wanting to play a certain role of perfect couple, just ‘naked’ being together.

As long as I hide my own ‘ugly’, am I not yet ready to face the ‘ugly’ outside of me, and thus I live a life in veils. Where truth is hidden behind an invisible veil.
As long as I ain’t yet ready to ‘die’ for my own truth, then it isn’t a truth worth living for.

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