Preachers Design

This, that, such and so is what it is about.
My head is spinning, my eyes are watering.

This is THE truth.

Open your eyes, suck it all up. Drown in my misery masquerading as LAW.
Oh yes I am free, I have the dollarz and the mansions. I has the cars and everything but a full heart.
I have security uppers my ass.
I have never st(r)ayed from/ ON MY path. I have suckered up just like you, but just because it is so fun, YOU will too.
I have NEVER been mistaken, no such is THE law. Man on his ramshackle pile of rubbish.

Family, friend and foe all alike.. Sucker up my ass. I have got them all up my sleeve.
My clothes ain’t dirty anymore, but with that my every move becomes slave’s design.
I sucker up and lick whatever comes a flipper in’ to my nose.
I cradle thine breath between my empty palms for it won’t be able to nourish me.
No I have everything I need and you are only there to fill my every hole that is full in my imagination only.
Oh I have got the truth yes, you are there to serve my every need, for I can’t bear to carry my own innate design no matter how it is patterned, for you shall carry the offside’s of me.

I only carry what’s good, but so definitely only half of me. The other half, I not even carry in a bag so heavy it weighs on my every other half of life that somehow can’t hold up it’s sheen I so lovely claim there to be, smearing fairy powder in my eyes, ’tis not even magic, nay it’s the bare simpleness of life that I so begrudgingly am forcefully born into but yes I am FREE.

Oh so free you wouldn’t even believe it, if you dare look at my oh so holy foolishness.
I wander into the Fat(e)a Morgana that is called my life, my life with me and only me.
And yes, I wish all the best for this world, I mean my pocket. The world’s only there to fill my pocket, instead oh me whole as I am made to be, not have made and molested my self into.
Unbroken and untampered, my every move part of my destiny unfolding before my eyes. Things might change might grow, but it’s still unfolding. Things may rise slow or jump into smithereens.

Star bangled the flag of Life whispers around every corner, to even witness a corner, mere corner for the life it contains, the gnashing ebb and flow, to leave barely contained a most ephemerous whisper of something beyond everything.
This the most simple to contain and yet so often not even noticed anymore in the thrashing at my soul, if there’s any left after this endless charade of molesting myself.
This charade of living another’s man’s lies to himself, turned into my own.
Oh we all lie to each other, constantly in so many hair-ripping ways. So sordidly tordid our ways have become.
Us the slave’s of tomorrow and yesterday’s breath of remembrance.

But yes I am FREE…

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