Facebook Diaries 5

December 8, 2018 When you let new people in your life, complete strangers, you are prepared to die to your old self, because you will get new ideas and views about living, from other people, because we all are different and can share our strengths of life, with each other. We can share our cultures, … Read more

Facebook Diaries 4

Crossroads: (little post I put before other posts come again) I am between a crossroad of my heart ‘n mind.I am torn between the evergrowing rapture of pain and delight.Beauty in both?Ah yes, dear dear me can’t ignore the fullness of an erratic mind.The lulling pain of not being there completely. March 15, 2018 The … Read more

Facebook Diaries 3

January 9, 2018 Be Silent, Silent Silent, Only silence transmits truth…Why stay silent, when you have a mouth or hands to communicate your own life experience, as it is just as important as every other life experience.When you have a mouth, it is not to stay silent.Silence is never within the realm of talking, moving, … Read more

Facebook Diaries 2

December 1, 2017 You are the Primordial Sound,The transcendental note reverberating through every Dimension.When you utter, none but your splendour shines forth.When you see, nothing but Grace is uncovered before the naked Eye.From Sound you utter the Love.Your ‘movements’ are the dance of Eternity.When I call with the horn cut from the devils head,The whole … Read more

Facebook Diaries 1

Before I kick my final of internet’s shiny friends in the bucket, I will create a rather long post of everything I have written on there. To be honest, it is kind of heart warming, loving and breaking me apart of all these places the internet has taken me, or I took myself to be … Read more

Magic is Lost

As a young child magic was everywhere.In the shine of the sun, the curve of the leaves. Fish swimming, Birds swinging through the currents of air.Where is it nowadays?Oh I hope it hasn’t gotten lost in this technocratic world.Magic must be somewhere, yet the more I read, looked at and perceived, the more my hope … Read more


I am the meaning behind emptiness.I am the shine of the sun.I am the crack in your skull.I am the space between your toe.I am the shade behind your blue eyes.I am the point on the horizon. I am… I… AM? Hmmm? I was?! No? Yes!I am….That?This?There?When!I mean Now?No I am Here, then?I am… How … Read more

The coloured Ones

In these streets they call my hometown,I am blown away like rustling leaves,Like a lilting drunk I sway through this harsh haze,I am torn between wanting to go and wanting to stay. I am blown into small particles of dust. Will you take my hand and cut the wrist?!Will you break my jaw and then … Read more


A sweet scent is wafting out of my nightmare. I begged the gods and demons to take away,To ignore the beauty radiant,Hearts bursting apart, tearing open,To welcome purgatory’s delight in my loving embrace,I broke my teeth on the shattering of my minds. My tears have filled the vessel that is to become the carrier of … Read more