Pointing at GOD

The notion of pointing up to express one’s thankfulness, scorn, love and so on to dear God, Jesus or whatever one believe’s in, as if GOD is something beyond, higher than us.
Nothing wrong with that.
For myself though, I don’t know anymore where to point or not to point to designate GOD, UNIVERSE, SOURCE and so on.

Where is He not contained in? In what action can the light of GOD not be found? In what human is the spark of GOD not lit up? How can one action be better than another, more worthy of my attention? From GOD, ALL AND EVERYTHING flows. In every emotion GOD is present. Every thought is sourced in the being of GOD. How to surpass oneself, when that would mean falling away from ONE SELF? Every home, is a home of the Righteous.

How do I express my love for God then?

Stop trying. Just be yourself. By defining how, and in what way we ought to express our gratitude to GOD, we fall away from GOD. What action is more worthy for GOD?

All these myriad of stories describing the right and wrong: empty, devoid of light, whereas even those stories are in the light of GOD, written under his Watch.

Express Your-Self