Part 6: Basis of REAL-ity

This is a continuation of the last post Nr. 5:


Hmmpff.. Some basis of Reality… Hmpff.. Now just what could I base myself on? Well yes I can always doubt, and keep on doubting, or replace what I see with some foreign idea of an illusion maybe, because: …
Who’s that fool anyway? That somehow made many people implement the idea that somehow whatever we see could be an illusion? He should be whipped seven times with the worst hell can conjure, and then to finish it off three times with all the best heaven can conjure. Then again, only sane people doubt everything around them, which creates the possibility of coming to your own reality, that is less and less fed from whatever them fools outside of ya keep on blabbering about, because they supposedly have been there before you.. Idiots, which of course means they gotta know better than me… Somehow though enforcing this idea you will be forced to meet people that do know better than you. So in the end, this idiot has been me, some kind of it for sure. There exist many different kinds of idiots without a doubt.

Is your head spinning already? Mine ain’t (Whom AM I kidding?), but I did have it spinning whirling for a few weeks since New Years Eve, so thanks for this informative chat, should you be reading me. What, only weeks? This might be the leitmotiv of my life… Ain’t it? Maybe not the first few years but then somehow this magical thing happened where it all turned sour and with that my world view to then emerge in fairy dust and some few morsels of something real.

I hope I doun’t sound tou recougnizable to you, which quite plainly is my endeavour this time around. Should I tell you my version of it, for this moment that is? If you rather not read what I have to say it’s still time to abandon ship. No damage done yet. I hope I haven’t infiltrated your mind like the rogue I am.

With reality, or whatever version other’s have there are 2 emergent words that need to be added to this holy trinity. Reality – Unity – Connectedness. There is always much wrong interpretation and some morsels of reality, so let’s dance till we shake of what’s unreal. It has to be based on your own being real, existing and living it unflinchingly. As long as you can’t exist and live without flinching because of some outer thing, you ain’t yet completely real yet, no worries, I ain’t it yet either, based on my perception and experience of trying to be myself. Flinching? Yes when say I walk through a corridor and some inner dialogue begins tripping at my brain that based on how I react to some beautiful woman walking towards me, I begin looking around, become fidgety instead of looking straight ahead, confident in the understanding of having my own place on this here dear earth. This just means I haven’t found myself completely, nor am I living myself completely. There are of course these words, insecurity, but is that really what’s going on?

When you know you exist, without a doubt, that you are here to be alive just the way you actually are (looks and some of your behaviour), that you have a right to live, that you are one simply unique being (have the possibility of living as one that is), that you ought not to change everything about yourself, that some parts that make you the unique being you are come to you whilst you live (Sometimes taking months/ years to appear) with some patience and yet simply acknowledging these ideas don’t make you any more real as well whatever, ‘cus that easily turns into New Age Fairy Dust. Dreams wept and gotten one off on till you fall asleep with that powerful Fairy dust. Finding yourself is far from easy. ‘Tis a real thing once it’s lived that way. Ain’t we living a Wickid LIFE?

Will everybody have the possibility or the true need of living Completely Uniquely in Reality? I don’t honestly see such a kind of Life right now. It may or might exist thousands of years from now, but right now that simply ain’t a reality that is possible, because unless you base yourself on what you see right now, you dream of a future not there yet.. Don’t you see? Right now, is already  a time beyond special, it is magical. Yet that everybody is completely alive… There are far too many people that just live their life and have no sincere interests in being and living as real one’s, beyond mere existence as we all already know and strive away from or fashionable trends about being Woke, Yoga and so on. And when they are ‘sincere’ they generally just want to talk of dreams and eat the honey they think is all the sustenance they need. You may and will sound like a fool when uttering these words, especially if you haven’t tried and tasted them for yourself yet (Yep such a fool is Me), and yet in the end I have to concede, only some people will want to go all the way to find this Unity. There is only one such unity. You don’t have to go far to find it, but sink deep you will for sure. Being there only one Unity for each unique being, the expression thereof is Manifold.


As long as you try to see outside of yourself some supposed unity, you will sadly just try to create something you in reality are trying to find within you. Trying to make certain that people around you also see this unity, just like you, only perpetrates Un-Unity. It strengthens the division between those that are sincere about becoming one within and those that aren’t yet looking to become one within. (Funnily without having made these ‘mistakes’ how could you possibly know this to be true. A mistake is only a mistake when the lesson ain’t learned and lived before you die.)

Unity outside of yourself is one more fabled illusion. We are too diverse for there to be unity. Unity outside of yourself would mean that we are all exactly the same. With your mind you can conceive of such an idea, but the reality is far too diverse. Yes we are all bound by being alive, or dead for all the rest, but we just ain’t the same. We aren’t billions upon billions of copies walking around that act and live exactly the same. We live in a dual expression. You ain’t a planet, and the planet ain’t you, yet you both depend upon each other for existence. The planet needs a layer of nature on it’s surface to stay alive, and you need this nature yourself to keep on living and continue being a part of nature, that makes this planet be alive, to continue receiving energy from this cosmos. We as nature, receive this energy and create thus the food planets eat, so one day our dear moon may become a planet of her own in near or far future, as quite clearly our living time stands in a different magnitude. [Source of this is Gurdjieff whom received it yet again from other people, in written form his pupil, Ouspensky in his book: In search of the miraculous. Just as I am one further link maybe for you to receive something real, or as real as it gets.]
Where diversity is our strength. Where I am just one more diverse being walking around. We as humans share common traits but they are expressed dually, so really not in unity. All you can see and live with is beyond whatever you think just dual in expression. Though we definitely are connected, just like our actions and repercussions stand connected. A kind gesture here and there can go further than you think, just as much as blunt and frank actions sometimes go ever further and deeper.

A man or woman that stands in unity with him or herself, completely, is a miracle , but as you can see not many people actually live that way, so the assumption that nature doesn’t really need people that are Complete in every sense of what is possible for mankind is only natural. Another thing is you can’t see this to be real unless you strive to find this unity and live it within you, that you are still acting like a machine in so many ways. (For reference, here is Nr. 1 of my articles.) So since we can only see this within ourselves, with a lot of honesty, yet we can’t possibly know whether somebody else is living in complete unity with himself, until we do too. You can see who doesn’t live in unity with himself, only when he has found less unity with himself compared to you. There are thus degrees of living in unity with yourself, how else could there be progress a reason to live and strive for? Having reached a certain unity with yourself, you can see in other’s whether they are closer or further to your degree of unity, but those that have a higher version of unity within themselves, will be as unpenetrable as thick steel to you. Coming upon such people can be quite a whirlwind of experience. A Whirlwind in the truest of experiences. Very easily you will feel yourself on top of the ladder when in actuality your behaviour has sunk back to how you have been behaving before this singular, sometimes only momentary meeting. I was walking like a ‘king’ for weeks if not months after one such meeting, luckily life hammered me back to my feet over time.

Heaven and haven for life:

I ain’t anvil nor hammer, I am the hammered.
Ain’t devil nor angel, I am human.
Ain’t one step before my grave nor one step from my birth, I am alive until my last of breath.
Ain’t here on an easy stop between heaven and hell, I am on earth.
Ain’t completely my own until I am.
Everything before becoming completely my own is the forge that makes a human truly humane.

Now if only we knew what being humane is… and again this brain of mine interjects as messenger between martyrdom and stardom.
Between heart and the roots my toes ought to be planted in.
Now if only my brain would grow nerves unto the bottom of my toes, deeply into the earth I roam.
So my feet ain’t the most dirty anymore but the contact between man and true heaven, the only heaven.
Like so my foot houses my soul or what’s left of it, for I am the sole owner of it.
For once you dear man jump and plant your feet firmly on the ground and dance like you’ve never before.


~By none other than me

You can also very easily miss this meeting entirely and just see one further human being, nothing special about them. Once though you do meet a person of a much higher degree of unity within themselves and recognise this and show respect where respect is due, progress seems to be cemented in the right direction for you too.

How though should this text help you, if even it’s author hasn’t found this unity yet? Perhaps in helping you to recognise, neither do you. I ain’t going to make claims, even if I have believed them at one point, that I can’t with the hard evidence of how I live say to be true. This text is in part my endeavour as always to become one with myself and find what detains me from being one with myself. Dropping along the way tips on what might have detained me from being one with myself. Of course someone who claims to be there already is far more easily relatable, but if he ain’t speaking the truth? Would you rather take someone else’s word without being able to truly tell whether things are as they are made to seem. As long as you blindly follow other people, you really can’t say to have found this unity, not that it doesn’t help getting there. The help may be tremendous, yet not ultimately. So if there ain’t unity around me, what then is there?


You dear reader are to me to the utmost really there, yet maybe not completely with yourself, just like I ain’t yet able to live completely with myself. Maybe you do, then I would say congratulations and keep on doing your magic, but well it’s a privilege to be able to go really in towards the only goal that matters, unity in expression within yourself. There are those that walk with ridiculously high levels of reached unity, yet sadly as long as it ain’t complete, many parts of it can be lost again and through miscomprehension go back to a lower reached unity. The way down is far too easy. More unity within only gets harder, for it asks you to upheave most of your beliefs you currently have and replace them by the experience you are actually living right now. Very often you will have to in a way forget everything you think you know and build something even stronger. It takes quite a lot of sincerity (of action not word) and self-responsibility.

Yet as equals, as such I do see you, people of every degree of unity reached within no matter where/ who/ what they are can be of a help to me and each other to understand my own and their own position better and as an aid to reach more unity within. This is the connectedness I speak of. Someone who walks with more unity within carries far more energy than someone who walks with less energy, less unity within. No I don’t mean energy in the sense where people just are able to carry heavy loads, walk ten thousand miles but the energy that enables the possibility of reaching a higher level of unity within, for the process is completely of a material nature. Where does this process begin? The food, air and impressions we receive can slowly get digested into finer and finer particles (Source: In search of the miraculous  , I write a link to where I got this understanding from, so I don’t have to completely write what’s already written and give you a venue to deepen your own understanding of what I am trying to write. In the book some of the terms I have written in pink will be used differently to how I use them. With enough unity within yourself, you should be able to work with both, each as their own, with their own strengths and weaknesses. The terms in that book, of which most of what I write about are: Food digestion, Octaves [3 and 7], Crystallisation and some more I am sure, which I can’t remember at the top of my head.)

Now some other thing which might be confounding, if you read this, you likely are on the way of reaching unity within yourself, or wherever you think you are going. You are making progress and naturally think this will go on until you die, that there is in a way no end to this progress. You are a definite expression of this universe, and there ain’t an indefinite amount of things you can address and set right within yourself. Were you yourself not real then there would again be no need to make an effort, but once you understand yourself to be real and as having the possibility of reaching unity within, the effort becomes a necessity, not before. Once these all are set right and lived right (not that such is an easy task), well in my eyes that should mean you have reached complete unity, as high as you can. Life will of course go on until the body dies and whatever else happens after that, but you have reached a state of being strong enough to not be able to fall away from again until you die. Otherwise this endeavour to reach unity would have no end. There would even be no reason to strive for unity were there no end to it, because simply living would then be all that’s needed. Effort wouldn’t be necessary. You don’t have to make everybody else find this unity, for you yourself that is already more than enough of a task. Such simple few words, but I truly feel this is true, on my own experience, even without having found this unity yet within. Without the understanding of the necessity, you will likely do more harm than right.

So for the earnest ones among you, these texts of mine might be gems, for the rest do your worst or whatever with em :). You can’t glean anything from my texts without making an effort yourself.

I ain’t really sure yet if I want to write a personal version about eating and digestion of impressions and how that went for me. I’ve never done any special breaths and yet I could say I have reached quite a lot by knowing without a doubt that I ain’t being myself completely yet. I also know what to address when I find the force to go through what I already know. Furthermore the idea of the scale, planets being on a different scale to humans, how and if I would address that. Well time will tell. My book ain’t done yet, there’s still time. I ain’t rushing. My force lies in being a turtle.

Adios and see you soon.

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