Sorry Eye, Sorry for the sky.
Plead guilty, plead all you want.
Sorry for so many things but do they even matter in the end?

Is not every breath taken a miracle?

Is not every step taken beyond imagination?

Ah no I am not flexible enough.

I am not:
open enough.
empty enough.
proven on my own two feet.
weathered and stormed in things I didn’t want in the beginning.
shaken and torn, to not knowing anymore.

I haven’t gnawed at my self, till tears did not fall anymore.
I haven’t cracked my teeth, nor shattered my mind.
I have not seen beauty in the deepest of darkness.
I have not so many things, and yet even now, with each letter one more of these moments, alive have passed.

Each of them unique, yet very alike.
Dear dear repetition gnaw at my mind, till my mind flows with the storm.
Dear dear world, bite and sting all you want, I’ll come around.

Dear dear humans, just stay yourself whatever nightmare you may be riding, for I’ll ride along your side, until we ride along the same wave.

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