Messiah that Quirky Fellow

I am the Messiah. I am the Supervisor. I am the one you have all been waiting for. I have all the Medi(SINS) you need. I have got the sleeping beauty and the rousing dragon. I have got the milk for your baby, and the purgatory silence to rouse you out of your sleep.
For by my sin shall you rise out of your stupor. For by your sin, do you only arouse further sleep. Sleep sleep sleep silently till you die, then this dream will have finally gone to bed and wed the dark and silent night of your dreamy vision called life. Ain’t that what we have all been secretly waiting for, to finally have another messiah emerge, to save us from our suffering? Well only you can erase your own suffering, not me, so don’t look to me to make you happy, find your own happiness. Find… Find… Or just let it come and go when it wants to be there.

By living do you only suffer, and only further suffering do I put on your plate. Suffering is what we eat and breed. In suffering we lie in our comfy beds. Of rousing dreams we talk. With drowsy fingers we point at the devil. Haha the devil is everybody but me.
My spiritual talking will give you the eternal live you so desire. I have gotten the philosopher’s stone to get you all you’ll ever need, might as well stop living then.
That researched and sought after Philosopher’s stone is a joke. The philosopher’s stone can only bring you further sleep like the sleeping tablet it is. Eternal life in 1 body equals death. You’d be bored to death, always the same body, always the same breasts and vagina or the same dick, don’t you want some change now and then? Don’t you want to sleep with another person now and then? Dream of it you will, doing it is another story entirely. I speak of my own experience there :). If you’d keep one body for ever, what a nightmare, what is the use of that? If we needed only 1 body, there would be no death, but death my lovely friend is there, and it’s here to stay in the changeful kingdom.

The philosopher’s stone is the one ‘religious item’ that brings misery and despair as it can’t be found in the changeful kingdom. Eternal life is already your right before you were even birthed. Not even changeful death can take it from you, neither will time ever rob you of eternity.

Then there are the ‘spiritual people, and the unspiritual people’ …
Such cringe-worthy madness have I been living… Tears are streaming down my face at this madness I have propagated, these rousing lullabies. I ought to be ashamed, but in the end, I can’t blame myself, I didn’t fashion my past, my past was fashioned for this body, to experience certain experiencings, that would rouse and wake this sleeping dragon in me. This sleeping dragon is awake and it is spitting fire. It is angry and it is rebelling, and the only thing I can thank for that is reverently and lovingly GOD, the one that fashioned my life so far, and will continue supporting me in rousing this dragon in higher flames of righteous Justice. I don’t want it’s flames to die out, they burn my insides as well they should, for fire is transformation. And only transformation into living fully is going to stop me being asleep any longer. I want to be alive. Only alive can I accomplish anything. Only Alive can I be a messiah for myself. I don’t want to wait for any further messiahs in 50, 100 or 1000 years times. Such madness. I only bring the bile, vomit and acid we have been hiding from our eyes for so long.

Look it square in the eyes for once, see doors of possibilities open, let every resting inertia burn and dissipate into smoke. I don’t bring dreams and lullabies, I bring the inner resistance not many have dared so far to bring. Only resistance to that inner beguiling poisonous voice. It brings lies lies and lies. Well fool me once, fool me 15 life times, but I don’t want to take this crap any longer, Change.

I don’t bring systems to train your spiritual muscles, they already exist. Every fibre, body, cell, atom, molecule is inherently spiritual. This true spiritualness, when emerged and blasting like a furnace in your body, setting you a-Fire to transform, your sleeping eyes into wakeful eyes. To see inertia and not problems. Only look for inertia, then let GOD do what needs to be done. Only looking once may not be enough, so look as often as you need, but rouse your own dragon you will.
I don’t bring truths, for they will never satisfy you enough. You have to burn every outer truth and then emerge your own truth.

I bring pain and only pain, not suffering. Suffering is what we do ourselves. As long as you evade this pain, will you avoid further suffering. Through suffering we really grow like a phoenix. To be reborn out of our ashes. The phoenix rises. It is fed by your inner dragon, let it go.

The belief to be able to hurt one’s own culture or someone else’s culture is what actually hurts culture. Culture can’t be defined by one man’s words, neither by belief, neither can it be put under one unifying jacket. Culture is as diverse as we all are. Cultures are mostly melting pots of old beliefs that need to be broken down into real truthlessness.
And yet we all have the right to our own opinion, they just ain’t always right, that’s the other side of that coin. Will they ever be definitely right for everybody? No, so why bother if anybody else has the same belief as you? Our beliefs are what makes us diverse and beautiful. Be bold into your own belief. Jahh.

This world works the way it works, because it works.

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