Message from a deer

Today while walking I came upon a smaller deer skull. I felt that it has something to say.

He is called Arraksha and his message is:
Hello world, I have been lying around these fields for quite a while. I have been gnawed, eaten and decomposed. My bones though will still traverse this earth. They will become smaller over time and end up in the earth one day. The earth is full of dead live. I am death and becoming life.

In these times death is everywhere and mainly in people’s minds. It spreads like a virus one could say. Everybody suddenly remembers death and thus also that which is important today and not when they get older. Today what is really important to you? Have you lived fully? Have you embraced, kissed lovingly and awoken to a new day?

What is it that used to make your heart beat in anticipation? What is it that you have put off till tomorrow? What if it didn’t come for you, what if death would embrace you as her lost child today and not tomorrow?

Do you hear whispering again, that bubbles up out of murky water from deep below your soul?
Listen and do not ignore, now is really not the time to ignore that which finally has room to breath. New adventures, a complete new life is awaiting those that can learn to listen again. Whatever it is, do it TODAY.

Life doesn’t disappoint those that are willing to trust and embrace something new rising out of todays ashes. What is it that you can learn to drop today? Not tomorrow. Tomorrow should die the death it so utterly needs. Only today your hands can create. Only today you can choose to be here. Only Today.

See you around, when you too shall feed the worms.

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