I am the meaning behind emptiness.
I am the shine of the sun.
I am the crack in your skull.
I am the space between your toe.
I am the shade behind your blue eyes.
I am the point on the horizon.

I am… I… AM? Hmmm? I was?! No? Yes!
I am….
I mean Now?
No I am Here, then?
I am… How AM I?

Don’t bother asking me, ask yourself.
I am definitely not in a book but IN.
I prefer a real relation to death as one in fear or utterly fake.
Marvelously weird. Utterly beautiful. Breathless. I like the minds that forage in their own beautiful domains.

Ethereal is the dance I am allowing myself to dance.
Basking in sunlight unseen.
Burning in fires untouched.
I am a miraculous unfolding.
I know beauty in pain.
I see agony wherever I walk as if it were my own,
Gliding off me likes scales simply not fitting anymore in my carapace.
Not that many scales left anymore to hide myself underneath,
I’ll better throw them all out since that’s what one can best do with them anyway.
I am my own parable unto an endless see of the possible.

Change… Change, into what?
Let your day unfold you prefer not to have it unfold, or is it really?

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