Manifesto of Work to Yourself!

This is a Manifesto of work to yourself, unwritten and yet always signed by the one and only you.

You hold every card in your hand.

Nothing can and should keep you where you are, if shit hits the fan.

They can be lucky to have you, if though you are putting in your own effort and are happy with what you deliver.

It will always be their loss, if such is the case because they would need to find and train a new person and go through all the motions that entails.

You would be thrust back into the stream of life to another place, with the waiting time in between.

Leaving though for small frailties, ain’t that showing the small frailties we also have then?

Whatever changes you need to go through to stay where you are and be of an important impact, is no limitation to you. None whatsoever. You can only set yourself limitations, first of all to recognise them and blast them to smithereens. Fire and shoot away!

If you can step over your own shadow and let small stuff fry away unnoticed but stored in your head.
Life at work need not be perfect to begin with, if though you are willing to put in your own time to work situations out where each side loses some yet mostly gains some, I wouldn’t leave but stay the time until shit does hit the fan.
You also hold the power if you are willing to go beyond the way you know, in new ways even to yourself to find approaches that you would not have thought up.
You may see that in months time, things do actually change. Things aren’t as bad as when you started and you may actually stand to have some fun, because Truth.

The keys to solving problems is clear and concise and to the point communication.
Clearheaded staying your ground, knowing what you did and didn’t do.
Don’t let yourself be run over by anyone else.
It’s not your fault they are as confused as they are.
A little chaos don’t hurt nobody.
Yet be able to ignore the small frailties we all have.
It’s no problem if you need to change your clothing or look for work, that does simply not define you anyway.
Your own truth is beyond the visible.
It’s expression is you simply living.
All the rest is apt to change anyway.

Express Your-Self

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