Magic is Lost

As a young child magic was everywhere.
In the shine of the sun, the curve of the leaves. Fish swimming, Birds swinging through the currents of air.
Where is it nowadays?
Oh I hope it hasn’t gotten lost in this technocratic world.
Magic must be somewhere, yet the more I read, looked at and perceived, the more my hope was crushed in my bosom to ever find it again.

Thus began my walk through life that is mundane at best. Sacred or Dangerous, no lustre, nothing special about it, without some utter and real magic.
Have I grown up or is it that simply people have given up their own magic for a quick bang?

Can magic be forged quickly or is it a time consuming task?
Or am I blaming the outside for simply not looking for the quality in the shaft without ever needing to change my own habits because they are the golden towers I lay my domain on?

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