Light it is, Indeed

Light it is, Indeed says I the one for which hope nor joy can light the path to everlasting sedition.

Oh yes, hope is lost, of ever finding my home.
Joy is lost for not finding the one, for which all are smitten dustless crooks.

Not so long ago, I met a wanderer of dusty demeanor, walked further than my eye would ever be able to touch. All he did was smile and walk away.

Then I met another clean fella, just came outta tha cave. It was burning, smoke was everywhere. Eyes were lit, smiles gone over the horizon, but I couldna understood. Oh no It’s gone with me mind, Its wandered away and all I did was stay. No no walk away from me not. I am in need of someone to keep me company. For without…

Go go, I shall endure I shall break away from thine eyes, but n’ver mine.

Hitherto unseen behind my eye’s baubles there lies this tremendous cave, wonder above wonder but all empty barnacles. Deep into the sea I had to swim to find but one of these crookers. My lungs bursting capacity, but just a finger away from finding that pearl. Again I swam for nothing down there. Dids’t I find some? No again my path will continue into horizon unseen ’til I see. Everywhere.

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