Interview with a family: Part 1

Little intermezzo for the reader, any drug related part of this text, is clearly not reality thereof, just some creative play at drugs, because why not have some fun at and with them while we are here?

Hello dear reader, let me present you a simple interview, with an everyday normal family. Enjoy, grab some popcorn, your favourite fizzy drink and.. What could possibly go wrong?

Interviewer: Hello, come on in, take off your coats and jackets. Let’s get you warmed up. Do you want some tea or coffee?

Family Star-Born Sun Weepers: Thank you for having us. We just drink coffee latte, with half skimmed milk and a  maple syrup waffle on top. The milk’s from the farmer’s market. The coffee only Bio organic from Ecuador. The waffle must be Canadian, but yeah that’s all. Nothing special.

Interviewer: Yes of course, we’ve got you covered. This is a very ordinary order, with the people usually coming into my interviews. Diana (The internee and secret lover of, you know Who), did you get that, … …? (Ain’t there missing something, like a Please, or would it simply lose it’s meaning when it has become simply a word devoid of the emotion and meaning hidden behind? Would that not also be a way of claiming words back into the true bosom) Take a seat all of you, wherever you feel cosy.

Diana: Yes sir, just a second. What’s this dick doing.. Looking at my flabby ass again. Can’t stand it when his eyes can’t leave me… But.. When I am honest, that’s also kind of.. You know.. I feel flattered. Did you get that other half of the brain? Ohh whoops.. Talking to myself again. From one side of my brain to the other, then the other talks back again, and then all of a sudden a third unseen part interjects, acting like the second part of the brain. I guess it’s just another day like usual.

Scene: Few seconds later… Really a whirlwind this woman, living from paycheck to paycheck, who’s already served all the people. For her secret lover, she does the usual. An unspoken yet intimately agreed on little extra shot. Is this out of habit or from the joy of giving and living together? Has it lost it’s speciality, it’s freshness? I do love this woman though. Ah if only I were the interviewer and he the impersonal reader of all the scenes… Wishful Thinking…

Interviewer: So here are your drinks. (I made them all myself, pats his shoulder.. Or should we say his sperm aka the pay check does the work???) Let’s get your name on the record Family Star-Born Sun Weepers. Serve yourselves, there are cookies. I will not tell you what’s in these cookies though. It’s a surprise.

Jenny: Hello I am the firstborn. My name’s Jenny, Star-Born Sun Weepers Jenny and now, get out of my eye sight. I am angry at my parents for bringing me along. Let’s get one of those cookies.. Takes three of them. Ohh wow the first one really sucks. The second one is … No, I can’t say that.. It is… Ohh www.. o… NOOOO!! It’s perf… Fuck it, It’s disgusting. The third one… Some seconds turn into minutes turn into hours. Words have passed this woman’s lips , much has been thought and yet so little has happened outside of this all of a sudden whirlwind fire spitting brain Rackagahahgha gfuaajakk … Bzzzz…. Oh woooow.. these stars… wooow mother… I haaa…hhhhaaat… I… Love… HAte, love… Grhhhh HatTE… I… ARGHHHHHH Bring me coffeee…   I… Ahh this liquid down my throat feels soooo.. G… Bad. Fuck it, ain’t got no time for that. I am out of here. See ya later, alligator.

Scene: Now kids, for all of you reading here, do note, these very special cookies don’t work so quickly. You’ll be able to eat 10, just like usual. No worries, at all. Little interlude, some hours later, somewhere off not that far away from the Interviewer’s place. This person, or is it? This Body or is it? This Something keeps on slowly pacing, weaving in and out of reality on the border walk of her dreams. Weaving in and out of reality. Sometimes there’s more reminiscence of a person sometimes a Godly spirit seems to descend unto her. Sometimes eyes are lit, blind and unseen behind the screen of her own tears. Sometimes words want to come out, but only yelps and screams and gurgling seem to happen. Sometimes a rushing wave of words excitedly leave these lips, nothing out of the ordinary on these border walks that have seen all walks of life at all the hours the day is presenting them with.

Interviewer: Thank you Jenny, that was very refreshing. Most people are just telling me whatever I want to hear, or they want to hear themselves say. They also very often only talk about themselves. Then again, look where we are, ’tis the Sunstrip Boulevard… I have to admit.. I even.. enjoyed your rant.. If we are going to be honest right now.. I have to admit… I am actually secretly, have been all my life… Gay… I love you Chris.. Wipes away tears … I think I also need one of those cookies. Munch.. Munch Turns completely silent, eyes inverted Ten years before… Twenty years before… In Childbirth… Angry father… That voluptuous girl… That Cowboy, yumm yumm Cum with me. … Drifting through time…

Sandy: Ahh I think that is my cue, while sire here, is Hahahaa getting over his hidden sexual sentiments… Me name’s Sandy, the youngest of all daughers. Must have blow-ed hard, to not just say what he wanted to say all these 30 till 40 years ago. I must admit, Jenny has a point.. I love mother tooo. smirks Thinks : Didn’t I say that yesterday also? I must be so convincing.. I am sure everybody believes me, after all these times repeating the same saying again and again. Ahh well, sir Interviewer, how is it that you have this urge. Why keep it hidden inside of you all that time?

Interviewer: Urge.. What urge… I .. I Who is that I? I have no urges… Falls back into Silence

Sandy: Ahh right haha I am sure you also want to hear yourself say that. Fine, suits me, whatever you want mate.

Interviewer: Growls with spittle We aren’t mates.. Yet.. I do have to admit, I don’t like your sneaky comments. I hate them, I hate you…

Scene: Seems like someone got caught in the act of lying to himself, while secretly also knowing this… The readers are in definite luck, ’tis a star spangled interview.

Jenny: Get off my mood. Get one of your own. I am the only one allowed to be angry here. Runs back out again

Sandy: Say Bran, what is your point in all of this?

Scene: Do you see this, this nonchalant ignorant bliss of an apparent verbal-attack, this completely not seeing it happen?

Bran: I am.. I can’t take it anymore, that Jenny is so mean.. I… And you, how can you laugh at all of that?… I just don’t get it… Weeps I also have a friend who couldn’t admit that she just was into girls and not boys… Hmm, seeing how you guys react to all those different cookies.. It’s maybe better I don’t touch them. I ain’t ready yet.. Whimpers.. I ain’t ready yet… I Have to be ready now… I Must eat one.. Otherwise.. Ricky (The possibly new relation) will never see me again, when he sees how fearful I am.. Silently weeps to herself.

Scene: This is the usual in the house of this star-spangled family. Every night going to bed and falling asleep with dried tears on her cheek, this dear beloved Bran. Where violence is of the everyday to the utmost normal, concealed as love. It is so concealed, they don’t even realise it’s never been there.

Sandy: Don’t get all teary eyed here. All of you emotional kiddies…

Scene: Window smacks shut

Interviewer: … … … … I … … … … Ripples are going up and down. Words are floating on a stream. I am the stream. I am The light. I am the everything. I am… a NOBODY. Brain swelling and getting smaller again Wooow.. This interview has only been one hour and it feels like I have travelled half the world, and there are still so many left that haven’t spoken yet. I am sorry for stepping out of my bounds… This is the weirdest and best interview I have ever had. So.. Bran tell me more about yourself, how is it going with that boy friend of yours, he liked boys more than girls?

Bran: As I said, this friend, Joanna actually likes girls more, not BOYS. DID YOU GET IT NOW? Whoops.. Did I just scream…? I thought I could only weep… She once almost kissed me, but I  just couldn’t have that.. Her lips, they were too.. soft.. so red you know? They reminded me of mother’s lips. Just then in the morning one day, when the red sun just rose above the mountain top on our homestead, on a clear blue sky, just wet from kissing daddy. Then I remembered that I actually, kind of also like girls.. And boys. What a day… Feels like a weight is lifted from my chest..

Now where were we.. Ah yes Interviewer, may I call you Dan?

Interviewer: Dan: Yes, that’s fine, most interviews never get so casual, but I think this might be an exception. Chuckles to himself. Please go on.

Scene: This ain’t one of those usual days it seems. There’s real deep stuff. Emotional outbursts. Little slights here and there. Small messages without words. Flirting with emotions, barely on the lips. I might be having the day of my life. No cookies, no nothing. I don’t want to be that Interviewer. Ain’t got to be having his life anyway, got no clue how he became what he is right now. Do know though how I became what I am today, maybe not tomorrow though. Such is fine, such is good, in this family without any stars and shine. Here’s what cookies crumble for.

Bran: So Dan, tell me about Chris, if that ain’t too personal, because let’s be honest, it changes nothing whether you know whom I like and whom I kiss. Nor whether the whole world knows, who sleeps with whom or who likes and dislikes someone else. Whatever Branley or Chiara are wearing under the skirt nor what those ‘starlets and actresses.. I mean actors are wearing nowadays’. Neither is it our business whom you kiss, but for the formality of this interview, let’s make it our personal heart felt business.  Who gets a rise on your pants?

Dan: Oh it seems like you have just grown a 10 years in age and experience, without having eaten any cookie. Well ehm, I am the interviewer here, and We don’t ever do things around the other way, that’s just not how this world works. That’s just not this reality, therefor you are unreal and but a figment of my imagination, you you… Didn’t I see you on the street the other day, with tears flowing down your cheeks, smearing mascara all over your face?… Ponders some more …

Bran: You idiot, don’t judge me by my age, nor with what you were like at your age. Nowadays with the advent and I might add attack of free availability of internet, school children of 4 and 5 already know who does what and also how they do it. Learn to grow with your time.

Dan: One second please.. Ah fuck all formality, let’s keep it real yeah, SHITE. You have a point, You must have been reading my few last interviews to know what I have been asking my actors and actresses. Whoops, caught you red handed there. Revenge is best served on a cold plate of love. Now let’s take it back to what matters.

I have heard you are an up and coming artist. You’re making a come back.

Bran: Jeez.. relax it’s the third come back already, so these don’t really mean much nowadays anyway. You are welcome to come and ask all these important questions about our personal lives though. Important hot sauce of mine. I must admit I am secretly also a fan of your columns, even though the overall quality.. Is a mess. I love a mess too some times.  Weeps, with a small smirk stealing itself unbeknown even to herself in her own small world. I am your fangirl. Brushes away her tears, with her fingers.

And CUT. End of part one.

‘Tis nothing unusual happen in this interview right? What do you think, dear reader, if you even made it to the end. I hope you enjoy my play of words. My own slights here and there. My simple observations, about these times we’re living in. Now take care, and see you around. Friend.

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