Hello Ya’all

Come here far and wide.

Watchee this. What I got here for sale. This here be the one single device ever furthermore needed. And hence I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that you shall be Indivual forever more.

You shan’t be let off for a small price. It will cost you a life time to discover. You will go far and wide to fishmongers and trashcans to search for more shit, and shit you will find a lot. Very much so, and it will seem very palatable to you, but shit you be eatin forevermore. Shit so goldy or darky or colourfully or zesty, that it will seem miraculous to you, that you’re not getting what you pay for.
Maybe even, that you can’t buy Individuality.

Individuality can only fruitition when you are able to throw the whole world out of your head, and solely fill it with your own universe. Only your own true to yourself thoughts (in due possibility, as the parrot ain’t ever stopping to open its beak). Only your own emotions and body sensations.
Everything foreign to you is poisonous to some lesser or bigger degree.

Express Your-Self

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