Human versus Chaos, Life

Announcer: You the people here, gathered from far and wide, I bring to you another boxing match. On the Leeeeft we have Time, Chaos, Life and nothing but herself. No supporters, no crew, very few fans.
On the right, we have another erring human, another human trying to bring order smashing in his fist, against chaos. Against the biggest of Unknowable’s. The most beautiful, Life. Bearing in her womb only further Chaos, none but Chaos.
The human is supported by none other than his own brain. He will surely make smart moves. He got them right down to the T’s. He has got it all covered. Didn’t even need life insurance. Didn’t need no Passport, he will be known as the unknown warrior. Let’s be honest here, Chaos will win. There need not even be a fight, but as we all know humans and their ways… Well let me tell you.

Human: Hey you shut up, I wanna fight. I want to kick some butt. I want to…

Chaos: Oh you puny human dare speak up again you want this you want that. Lemme tell you something, I got no plan, I got none covered. I’ll just bring my only tool with me and I’ll own you, or I might just lose, that’s really what chaos is about. Chaos though always gets back up. It comes smacking in your door when you feel safest. Chaos didn’t know where to go, who to smack, so somehow my fist of chaos just happened to land before your feet, didn’t even wanna hurt you, but daaang you fell. Was a beauty to behold. Then I was on my way again, no fret, no sweat.

Human: Ah you chaos again, I just wanted one tree in my garden, then you rained down coconuts. There were too many, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Then though luck was on my side, I happened to wander over yonder and somehow, I begot out of nothing a website. It told me that coconuts, are actually from: UHHH from what did it say again, uhh from Palma yeah and well it’s a seed, but you can eat it. Problem solved. I kept a few for my garden, but I just ate most. Delicious Coconut oil now, to pour over my skin. I am in heaven. But then what does happen? My skin cracks anyway. It splits open like some dry pea. Oh man my day sucks. I had it all covered, but then this one tiny puny Crack…


Announcer: Now ye who have gathered here, whom’s side do we favor?
Who will you bet on? … Last Call! All hands down, the fight begins.

Background description: On comes earth with a shield in her hands reading: Round 1

The crowd is cheering, people go nuuuts. None of them have ever experienced such a fight.

Announcer: The struggle. The indescribable. Will there be blood, will there be tears? Will he go mad? Ohh the anxiety, we must be witnessing the fight of the aeons. On comes the human with a bloodfreezing call. He is ready. He is in his typical stance. BAMMMMM he takes a huge swing and barely touches Chaos. He takes a step back and takes another swing right at the center of chaos.

He is saying incantations meant to bring to the center the Order he wants to install. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. That human surely does know his Mantra’s. Dang he’s got it all covered.
What Wow did you just see that? There is blue light leaving his lips. It is like the light is turning into words. These words whirl around his head. His eyes seem aglow with an inner fire. That man radiates Power.

WHOOOSH. Out of nothing a huge block lands just before the feet of that man. One small twitch in his left eye corner, but he’s just able to step over it. But wait a second, the incantations swirling around his head swoop down and pick up the stone and smash it into the face of chaos. Right on.
Chaos just takes a blow, not even a hair is smothered. Patiently puffing a joint. Standing completely still.

The human smells a chance a twist of fate. The one lucky swing. He sends punches flying right into the face of chaos. All the while he breathlessly sends further incantations flying. His words become one blur of orderly Power. His hairs are beginning to burn with his fervor. He is sweating nothing but excellent power and control.

Again out of the blue comes swooping in a crow. A crow with a crown of blackish gold. Gleefully the crow Swoops over the crowd.

*  *  * *

And cut, if you want to read more, tell me what you think so far of this story. Don’t worry, I got no plan or nothing with this story, just some freewriting.

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