Heroes in Modern Times

All those ballads about Heroes.
We need to be heroic, chivalric, do-dick, do-dack. We need to be romantic.
We need to be strong, we need to be righteous.

We have on this earth at the moment 6 – 7 billion heroes (Trend increasing), united under the banner of heroism unseen.
This heroic shitpile of beauty.
I am deep in the mud of inertia at the heart of change.

Every one of these heroes walks the ballad of his own story, either lost without or within.
Why not be without and within?
If all of these shitpiles walked honestly within, would the world really change?
Does this world really need change, or is it naught but the perception of change that needs to eradicate any notion of superiority?

This life is changing effortlessly from gelatinous form to another gelatinous form.
Which one of these shapeshifters is the right shape to be stuck in?
Get stuck, get stuck with me, turn in your own mud.
We only need to change, nobody is able to claim in what direction we need to change.
Being stuck is true death, even though you’d still be mercilessly alive, thinking yourself free in your righteous superiority.

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