Full Path or Half Path?

I’d love to share some insight on my last months and what they are changing in now.

Not so long ago I wanted to walk the middle path neither being too good nor too bad, just living life step by step and day by day, as best as I can in each moment. Neither being too touched nor too invested in my life, partaking and sharing the fruits of life, in small moments shared by a few beings at a time, whom I had the luck to cross paths with. Giving and gaining lessons in life. CaringĀ more, but more importantly allow myself TO BE.

As imperfect and perfect as I am.
This has brought me closer in my relation between the people who matter to me, my family and friends, and especially myself.

Now though even the middle path seems too flat, too two-dimensional.
I honestly want all experiences life has to offer, the worst and the best, the pain and suffering but also on following my pain and allowing myself to suffer, to find the nectar of life, and see/ feel that inherent beauty in all these experiences life has to offer. By the formless that can’t be expressed and the form that can be expressed. Yet even when I try to express this gift that won’t ever stop unfolding every moment, words will just be words. So I’ll leave it at that, and would love you to start being, or not, because suit yourself.

I want to walk the full path, I just want all it has to offer. That may seem greedy but it is our given gift, our given right, to find peace with ourselves in the now, and not after or before death.

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