A sweet scent is wafting out of my nightmare.

I begged the gods and demons to take away,
To ignore the beauty radiant,
Hearts bursting apart, tearing open,
To welcome purgatory’s delight in my loving embrace,
I broke my teeth on the shattering of my minds.

My tears have filled the vessel that is to become the carrier of my love,
My undying breath in burning lungs,
Despair wafting out between my bloodied lips,
My smile a crazy smirk flashing neon bright,
I am a lighthouse on a dark shore.

With light feather I waft over shadowy valleys of hell,
The light grazing over my back,
My face in the shadow.

Hate is only ever the result of shattered love no more,
Broken into thousands of shards,
Like a mirror we ain’t able anymore to see our own face,
So we drape ourselves behind a veil of ignorance,
To be a stranger forevermore.

Our tears are drops of molten glass,
Burning our insides yet repairing our mirror in the end.

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