Don’t GO!

If ye hold any part of yourself dear, don’t stray from thy self.
Don’t question. Don’t wonder. Don’t ask. Get no answers.
Live in semi peace.
If thy hast questions, none can answer even then be happy ye got no answer.
‘Tis the one answer ye don’t wanna hear. The promised land.
Ouch ouch and ouch. Stumble in dark caves and white zones of peace and yet none are you’s to find.
Been there, done that.
Ye look for something different.
‘Tis no glorious red sky before thy findest what thou hast been looking for.
I speak in the past, for there’s no answer in the future and none in the past, but since the past is over, you’ll have one way less to go looking for.
A glorious dragon descendest from the sky when all hope is lost, sweeping a fiery breath over all of land. Turning everything to ash. White ash.
The fire of transformation blasts every last kernel of truth.
Words can’t withhold the dragons breath.
The wolf stands and kneels in silent prayer, silently waiting for it’s turn.
For the rainbow to light the sky one day again.
Shaman’s puffing a pipe, unimpressed.

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