Individualis Victus Humansis

I present to you my first book, a work of three years. In an endeavour to write about my experiences and lessons my life has given me so far in a very creative and different way from everything I have seen so far. I have tried to play with what defines a book and how it reaches the reader.

  • What is it that draws a reader deeper into the experience the letters have to offer?
  • What entices the mind to wander beyond the letters contained within?
  • What and how can a reader learn personal powerful lessons that empower and foster unique expressions innate in every human?

The result is a rollercoaster of emotions, a book without rules, free to be used however the reader sees fit, with marks and scratches. It is a companion that enters one’s life and tries to gnash and bite at whatever keeps the reader from being free in every of their expressions. A companion on road to the heist of a lifetime, to be discarded safely once the relation has been of mutual satisfaction, thus a deal with the devil must be struck, etched into the heart of the book. Do you dare to befriend my book?

  • The Physical Copy is priced at 13 Euros (Plus shipping).
    250 pages softcover with matt finish.
  • The Digital Copy is priced at 7 Euros.

You can contact me by e-mail: [email protected]
This book is only sold by me, as there are no other retailers I have selected for the moment. I have made 50 copies to be sold by my hand only. Or you come ahead and meet me personally and then I’d love to sell you a copy of my book too. From then on it is out of my hands, for yours only.

For either a physical or a digital copy, but I definitely recommend a physical copy: It’s written to be had in physical form. You need a writing utensil to write answers to questions in this book, and for a possible re-visitation of the book, a journal is recommended. So you can see how your views and answers have changed over the years.

I hope that this book, may come visit and play with you for a while.

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