Individualis Victus Humansis

I present to you my first book, a work of three years. Born out of small texts and poems, arranged so they would logically fit together. These became the skeleton of the book, from which organically arose outbursts of words, flowing and fleshing out the book. Ripping at my mind, to weave themselves into a non-coherent whole. Why is it non-coherent and are you the reader really so coherent?
Since I am a writer like everybody else, the book isn’t complete without your own writing. You can express yourself in this book, write pages of your own, creating a new narrative in every book, thus becoming a truly one of a kind book.
I have tried to play with what defines a book and how it reaches the reader.

  • What is it that draws a reader deeper into the experience the letters have to offer?
  • What entices the mind to wander beyond the letters contained within?

The result is a rollercoaster of emotions, a book without rules, free to be used however the reader sees fit, with marks and scratches. It is a companion that enters one’s life and tries to gnash and bite at whatever keeps the reader from being free in every of their expressions. A companion on the road to the heist of a lifetime, to be discarded safely once the relation has been of mutual satisfaction, thus a deal with the devil must be struck, etched into the heart of the book. Do you dare to befriend my book?

  • The Physical Copy is priced at 13 Euros (Plus shipping).
    250 pages softcover with matt finish.
  • The Digital Copy is priced at 7 Euros.

You can contact me by e-mail:
This book is only sold by me and a library in France (Livre au Trésor, Z.I. Goguerie, 28330 Authon du Perche) selling second hand books and some local authors. I have made 50 copies for the first press, a second press is already in the works.
If you ask me nicely, I’ll even take out my magic fountain pen and write a personal dedication, even if I’ve never seen you before in my life.

For either a physical or a digital copy, but I definitely recommend a physical copy, you need a writing utensil to write answers to questions in this book. For the digital readers, a journal is recommended, which can also be used by keepers of the physical version, for a possible re-reading.
The re-reading may be very useful to determine whether you have changed since reading the book the last time.

I hope that this book, may come visit and play with you for a while.

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