Asylum of the Mentally Insane

There once was this doctor figure doing his ‘job’.

Diagnosing this and that’s based on his magnificent collected knowledge (garbage). An innocent small child lost in the vortex of other’s knowledge. The child was smiling too much. Too happy it almost seemed unnatural. It didn’t need much to contend itself with, be fully immersed in his own world. There is such a diagnose called: ‘I shit my pants at such freedom’. This small innocent child begins wandering the earth on ‘small fearful’ steps from one ‘pain into the other’. What is wrong, what is right?

Well I prefer being clinically INSANE. If one has to be otherworldly on one’s own planet, better go hard. Lost in translation you begin feeling the undercurrents of reality merging and disappearing with you constantly. No single 2 fucks can make you want to subdue yourself ever again. Being yourself in all it’s fearless craziness is salvation. You become reality in its highest expression. You become the roving madman walking high and low, left and right, in the middle and on the edges. Where does true reality not find it’s path to your splendour?

I am the madman, the alpha and omega.

H-alle-lu-jah be you blessed in healing of all conditioned mind prisons.

Live your INNER Freedom on the outside.

God is only FREEDOM.

Express Your-Self

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