And it became night, but the fire was lit!

Clamouring, knocking to enter heavens gate.
Step by ungodly step down, further into the abyss.
Soon this day shall end and night will embrace mine fears.
The higher and further away you get from where you want to be, the easier it gets.
The closer you enter the nuptial gates of birth, ye shall find not the light, nay it wasn’t such a night.
Ye eyes will darken into empty sockets.
The gates ye shall have to pass are black as night, none may leave that ever touch these black wombs.
They say light is at the end of the tunnel, but it ain’t for thine eyes.
Many hear of them gates, some touch them, never did anyone ever truly see.
Just before you pass through you shall have to face thine own mirror.
Mirror image for everything but that it has no story.
If ye cast yer eyes from thine own mirror, what’s left of thine self?
Remembering a verse you heard from up there where the earth crawlers are, ye light your head on fire and enter the mirror unscathed.

Express Your-Self

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