All above Me

Above me there lies a hill full of scrawny plants.
Birds and insects fly abuzz.
From above the clouds dripping stones and blood.
Hail and blizzards abound the top.
In the stormy mist of war there flies an oath from the furthest regions bygone.
A promise of redemption and further breaking to shards.
A deft and just cutting of the scalps of the unheard of fools.
A collection gnashing waves and teeth, shattering my hip, bondage of the lost.
In the echo of a rumbling mountain there flies a gull, deft in between.
I see no sky nor tenor abides in my echo.
A scream rumbling through the hills and valleys.
Deep deep below there lies a slumbering rat, cozy in his dreams… Awake.
Scuttling through cracks and promises of further lies, my blood flows freely, heart beat by bet of the forlorn song of the forest nymphs.
I am culled and called forth to rise between my old embers, glowing of times far below me, yet never above me.
Step upon glorious step, it is trembling, it is weaving destruction.
Planting with each step, burning fires, rooting in me, flowing from me, casting away the shadows.
Casting of shed and trodden skin, my form changes ever further evermore, neverending.
Fly my angel on the wings of the neverending flight into the unknown.
On eagle wings I soar above the sky, casting shades for the loving plants, partially only needing the sun.
I drop and scatter a few here and there, wild bombs, seedlings abound.
My reach far above the human dimension, far above the cosmic interaction, yet oh so near on here this earth, in my heaving chest full of breath for the wild.
I bow down to kneel, feeling the spear thrust right through me, yet unfatigued I wander on.
Breaking off the shaft, connected to a mysterious white eery globe.
Burning, scalding my eyes, tearing apart all I ever knew.
My vision blurred, my face a burning mess, on I walk ON i stumble.
. . .
On I stumble, till further comes tearing all through me the only thing left keeping everything up.
With my last breath I disintegrate and reintegrate back fully.
Stopping for a wonder, nothing is not happening.

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