Aliveness of Art

Art will always be Art, whether from the expression of a child or the calculated, free/ wild art by man. Yet not every kind of art made today is very alive.

To come to it’s full potential, to reach the zenith of expression would be to me to express the most inner Self, and let that Being-ness take control over how the pen or brush go left or right up and down. Whether the result is stylish, beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing, daunting or taking your breath is not important, but that every stroke is done in the Openness of Being.

Normally our thoughts will always find little cracks and judgements to complain about nothing factual since it is only a matter of opinion, especially in Art.

So the uncontrolled creation of a piece of art becomes more real as every controlled or constrained piece of art. The less and less the mind meddles, the more our innate beauty is allowed to shine through in our pieces of art.
In my experience, little as it may be, some part of the mind does still play a part, yet very little of the habitual thinking.

The slow or quick slashes, when filled with endless potential, will bear their fruit, in that the Self is expressing the self in each moment in it’s full unfathomable depth. To allow the self it’s Selfless expression allows energies thoughts and emotions to finally unwind their strong control, to let go of inner tensions that just get taken away even by the softest whispers of wind. Freeing up space inside, to be filled with the Self. This slow process of deepening and being our Self.

To all those that have nagging doubts mostly put in from outside, let them go, allow their presence to not control you anymore. Become free from that doubt. Allow your inner confidence, that every brush stroke you make is meant to be exactly the way you just have done, to shine through. Find your inner openness even in the most crooked of lines and curves. In the too dark and too colourful, in the over the top childish and utterly bizarre. The very sexual and puritan up to your ass.
All those beautiful expressions of You.

Allow your Inner Colours to shine. For all those art pieces you are about to finish and all those future pieces you will make, filled with Inner radiance, your fragrance.
Wet your brushes. Take out the papers, put on a splash of colour and go beyond your wildest thoughts in the Openness of Being.
During this process of thoughtless drawing allow whatever presence of thoughts and emotions to flow freely from you as the visitors they are. Expect nothing. Just let it all flow freely.
Not the art, but the free expression of Self is what makes art, Art.

If these works make you want to create your own expression of Self, I would love to see what you have created.

Express Your-Self

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