Themat-OOG-ian Creations

A reader.
Reading thoughts.
Reading allusions.
Reading a door that opens inward, into the reader.
What will I be able to sneak in?
*Bemused laugh…?*

For all non-Adult Humans, Beware on this website you may see:

Humans, their bodies, their nudity (of the body, or their inner perception of this world). You may see emotions and art which comes from my intuition. Often about things I haven’t been able to put in word. There is art about everything we crazy humans can and will do.
Enter at your own peril if this will shock you.
Then again nudity isn’t dirty nor sexual, it is what we make of it.
Sex isn’t dirty, we are acting as if it is. Us the flowering, crowning result of two humans coalescing, uniting.

This is my venue where I express myself freely and have a virtual museum of all my creations.
Playfully discovering the notions that make us who we are,
an exploration in bringing Life back into Art, Art back in Life.


  • 7.5.2019 – 25.5.2019 : Hariko @ LGE (Esch, LU)
  • 5.7.2019 – 7.7.2019 : Charity Art Event for Caritas by United Artists @ Bricherhaff (Luxemburg, LU)
  • 11.7.2019 – 30.11.2019 : Hariko @ GrundTunnel (Luxemburg, LU)

If you want to book me for an exposition, e-mail me.

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