Welcome to a Refuge, a Ship in the Mist, my only creative outlet in digital form. My Glorious Kingdom, where no doors lead out of and only the doors you open up yourself will lead you in.

I don’t seek to keep your attention on this website any longer than you want yourself. I won’t spam you with publicity or sales-man tactics and yet whatever I have created, pictured in here or where I am physically is for sale. If you find your way onto this creation of mine, you will likely have met me in ‘Real Life’ or something like that. Did I offer you a cure or a poison?

I will during my life slowly fill and change this website, according to my own Heartfelt Desires. I will fill it with my Art or my words, with my books or with nothing. If any of the content has changed, you will have to look for yourself. I may forget to look at this site during months, probably because where I am internet isn’t the most of available commodities or because I simply prefer to live without. If anything has begotten your interest, it is by your own desire that you come back here, however often that may be. I haven’t pushed this site upon your attention, you have come here by your own will, so feast upon these creations of mine. Whatever you get out of here is for you to keep, if thou can keep it in thine thin hands. Congratulations, you Thief, you Rascal You! *Shakes hands in the air, lit by the sun returning behind the earth for one more of these Revolutions.*

As I might not always be available to answer in the shortest of fashions, because again a lack of internet, please understand that is not in any way meant to annoy you, simply how I need to Live My Life. I will though always eventually answer, when I find out someone has tried to reach me, and get all the things over to you in the swiftest of fashions. Preferably though eye to eye and hand to hand, ‘Real Life Me’, so I might at least touch you, give you a kiss or hug and laugh with you. Dance with you and have a drink or smoke. And now bath in the Kiss of AAARGHH (Who doesn’t live with me anymore, sniffles).

The internet must be empty without me… I though feel Artism does not depend on being in all the channels that the craze of the moment offers right Now for all of us Artists, forced so others can look at whatever the Hell we’ve been creating. Keeping us away from our art, our Life, as some don’t like the social side of being an artist, but then again enlarging our own horizons is worth it too. Whatever I have been creating is made by me alone and whatever surrounds me internally (Emotions, thoughts, Dreams)/ externally (Energies, Powers, Beings, Animal Spirits). Beyond that it is out of my hands, into yours maybe, to do with whatever you are pleasing to do with it, be that a burning or an altar. Considering it as Holy or Cursed, Cheers to you. I want to make art independent of outer supposed needs, so they may find you in the same fashion, unburdened by layers of meaning art should have. Unburdened by the needs of contemporary life. Unburdened my Me or You.

Now inhale the smoke of this hopefully by now finished Pipe (Also not l[o/i]ving with my anymore)

This is my venue where I express myself freely and have a virtual museum of all my creations.
I express what I can’t put into words through images, my inner world through bursts of my passion, sometimes in word.
Playfully discovering the notions that make us who we are,
an exploration in bringing Life back into Art, Writings and most importantly our own Life.
Discovering that magic is in the small leaves, chirping of birds, cawing of a crow, the howl of the wolf.
Embracing being a part of this beautiful world, that allows me to share my passion(s) with the wide world.


  • 7.5.2019 – 25.5.2019 : Hariko @ LGE
  • 5.7.2019 – 7.7.2019 : Charity Art Event for Caritas by United Artists @ Bricherhaff
  • 11.7.2019 – 30.11.2019 : Hariko @ GrundTunnel
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